Immobility, sedentary lifestyle and positions maintained for too long have negative effects on our posture, often leading to pain, postural vices and alterations in movement and musculoskeletal functions. It is therefore essential to take care of our body and, as happens for example for dental hygiene, to identify precise moments for postural hygiene.

Here are some ideas:


Very often we get caught up in the frenzy of the day already at the sound of the alarm clock.

During the night, important regeneration phenomena took place and it is normal to feel a little rigid: it is therefore essential to “awaken” our joints and muscles in the best possible way … but how to do this?

The answer is given to us by the animal world, just observing a dog or a cat that start a real ritual made of stretching, as soon as they wake up, without any knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics, simply, instinctively, listening to this “need”.

Take 5 minutes, as soon as you get out of bed, listen to your body, start moving without thinking too much about what to do; look for a pleasant position for the body and, as soon as you reach it, immediately look for another one, like a slow and fluid dance. Don’t force the movement and keep breathing.

igiene posturale

There are no correct or incorrect postures and positions but only postures prolonged over time.

The human body is made to move, staying still for more than 40 minutes has negative effects on the body.

It is a good habit to put on a timer or an alarm clock and stretch out on your chair every 40 minutes or get up for a walk before resuming work.


To have a healthy lifestyle, 2/3 times a week we dedicate to sports or physical activity or to the gym are not enough; every day we should dedicate 30/40 minutes to movement.

But it’s easier than we think! There are plenty of opportunities to train and move.

For example, choosing to take the stairs instead of using the elevator or not pretending to find a parking place right in front of the place we are headed to and “resigning ourselves” to park a little further away, enjoying a small walk instead of getting nervous in the car, are always better options.

Even spending more time sitting on the ground forces us to use degrees of joint mobility that the constant use of the chair does not allow us to use, for example playing on the carpet with your children or any other leisure activity.

giocare con figli

Frenzy, stress and excessive activation of our postural tonic system accumulated during the day risk compromising the quality of our sleep and consequently the regeneration of the body.

It would be a good habit before going to bed to dedicate 5/10 minutes to breathing exercises, or at least to do diaphragmatic breathing cycles, inhaling through the nose and exhaling, letting the air out with a sigh of relief.


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