Alian Zanoni

After completing his studies, Alain follows a business-related career for almost 20 years until 2010, when he decides to leave a secure career to devote himself to what had been just a passion for a lifetime. He undergoes initial training as a masseur with different body integration techniques, kinesiology applied to Touch for Health, foot reflexology, and metamorphic technique. In the same year he begins the practice and study of yoga. In 2004 he knows the Iyengar method. In 2007 he attends Centered Yoga Certification Program and Pranayama and Breath Technique with Dona Holleman. At the same time, he studies with M. Renato Turla specializing in Sending poses.

He studies Ashtanga Yoga with David Swenson and Nancy Gilgoff and for two years he stays in Mysore in India at KPJAYI with Sharat Jois. In 2014 he obtained the certification of Covatech Pilates Teacher. In 2019 he obtained the qualification of Orthobionomy operator. He also follows constant updates in the Holistic sector.

In 2017 he opens and directs Studio Anam where he teaches his method.

He proposes a method learned from the masters he met in life and experimented on himself. A work that starts from the body, moved in harmony with the breath, forging a balance of strength and flexibility by preparing an adequate support for meditation. He does not like schemes, but gives space to creativity to arrive to the solution and the well-being of his students.