Denise Cordioli

Denise Cordioli has a Master’s Degree in Exercise and Sport Science and she is specialized in Clinical Posturology. She has always been troubled with the practice of multiple sports, but she passionated about Pilates by pure chance, finding in it an interesting and engaging training method.

He then decided to specialize in this discipline with the Power Pilates Verona school where she certified himself in Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Mat Pilates; subsequently she completed the System 1 and 2 levels, also keeping up to date with Pilates in pregnancy, and Pilates for people with osteoporosis.

Then she continued her training with Pancafit according to Raggi’s method where she is specializing.

She has improved her training over the years by following different schools of thought, certifying herself in the Basic Level of Back School according to Toso’s Program and in Primitive Functional Movement at the WTA Functional Training.

Her teaching method faithfully follows the history and sequences of classic Power Pilates.