Luca Peri

Luca, Athletic Trainer, Personal Trainer, Level II F.P.I. and Youth Instructor. Lecturer at the CONI School of Sport.

Technical owner of the “ASD Valpolicella Boxing Club”, a boxing company affiliated with the FPI, he holds courses for amateurs, for the youth sector and trains competitive boxers.

Founder of “EllePi Consulting – Evidence based Athletic Consultancy and Preparations”, he deals with personal training, individual athletic and physical preparations for amateur and competitive athletes and consultancy for Sports Technicians as far as the optimization of the preparation of athletes and teams is concerned.

What I want you to try is HIFT (High Intensity Functional Training):

Taking inspiration from the timing of some HIIT protocols, revisited with the inclusion of free body exercises, I will offer you an amusing high-intensity workout to stimulate the development of the muscles of the whole body.

Enjoy your workout!