Viktoriya Batko

Viktoriya is a certified teacher of the iyengar yoga method at the RIMYI Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune (India) and Iyengar Yoga Institute in Prague. She continues her training by participating in numerous seminars, workshops and conferences around the world: Zain (free movement in Prague), Hena Kuvrychtova (Czech Republic), Olga Zvontseva (Russia), Glen Ceresoli (Australia), Patricia Walden (USA), David Melon (Italy).

In her lessons, she uses tools (props) that help students develop strength, flexibility and control in each position, so everyone works to get the maximum benefit from the practice, according to their range of motion.

Benefits of Iyengar® Yoga: alignment, symmetry, precision in execution, sequence and duration of the positions, are the peculiar characteristics of this method which acts on a physical, emotional and mental level.